Ask the Glazier

You may have a question for a glazier and it may not be convenient to come in or call. Perhaps you wish to tackle installing your own glass or need advice on the best glass to use for sound resistence. Maybe you are just trying to decide whether or not you should go with safety glass on your table top or where safety glass is required in your home. Click on the link below and ask away!

Ask the Glazier

Dear Glazier,
Do you have any tips on how I can replace my broken window inexpensively?

Dear IrViNBB,

Probably the most inexpensive way to replace your broken window would be to do it yourself. Most glass repair shops will sell you a piece of glass cut to the size that you need or order and sell you an insulated glass unit and usually at less mark up if you purchase the glass and plan to install it yourself. If you plan to do it yourself, I recommend that you are moderately good with your hands, tools, and a tape measure because if the first piece of glass gets measured incorrectly or broken and you have to purchase a second, the total cost can sometimes be the same or more than having the professionals come out.
Another way to save money is to bring the  window in to the glass shop. many glass repair facilities will charge substantially less to replace your glass "in house" than to send the guys out in to the field.
Good luck,

Dear Glazier,
How do I figure out the thickness of a double pane window without pulling out the glass?

Dear Clark4391,
There are a number of ways to determine the overall thickness of an insulated glass unit usually made up of two panes of glass separated by a spacer and bonded around the perimeter. Let's assume that our neighbor has borrowed our Digital Glass Thickness Meter and has failed to returned it. 
You can remove one of the glass stops and slide a thin rigid piece of paper or plastic such as a credit card in between the edge of the glass and the frame where you just removed the glass stop. Once the make-shift gauge is inserted until it reaches the back of the insulated glass unit, mark the gauge at the surface of the glass. Remove the gauge and measure to your mark.
My favorite method though, is to pull out your tape measure a couple of inches. Place the end of the tape measure flat against the surface of the glass. Be sure that you are holding the tape as perpendicular as you can to the surface of the glass. Now read the reflection of the tape through the glass. This will give you the dimension of the spacer between the panes of glass. Now you just need to determine the glass thickness of both panes and do a little math.
Thanks for the inquiry,


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